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Support to increase quality in statistics

Statistics is becoming more and more central in our society where we are surrounded by large set of data on daily basis. Several issues and problems are tackled with its help. It provides a solid base for decision makers on different levels and widely used by researchers, scientists and the media. We are committed to work together with our Clients to improve their operation and produce high-quality statistical data. Our goal is to contribute and provide support to:

  • enhance credibility of statistical systems;
  • strengthen capacities to produce statistics;
  • provide support to increase quality in statistics and the comparability of statistical data

Our services include:

  • management of large scale projects in the field of statistics;
  • support to the national statistical institutions and other public authorities producing statistics in institutional capacity building, planning and management of the institution;
  • preparation of statistical analyses and studies;
  • carrying out quality assessments and reviews;
  • assessment of requirements, functional and technical design, selection and implementation support of IT systems;
  • organisation of events, design customised materials (trainings, study tours, workshops, conferences);
  • design and implementation of statistical surveys, including full-scale support in census preparation and implementation;
  • planning and implementation of communication campaigns and visibility activities; providing support in data dissemination and publicity;
  • provide expertise in several statistical domains.


For further information contact Marko.Sijan@aam.hu